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At Delibero, we understand that ensuring a safe and compliant work environment is a top priority for every organisation. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our Occupational Health and Safety Gap Analysis service – a powerful tool designed to identify areas of strength and improvement within your health and safety practices.



Our Proof Check System

Our Proof-Check system offers compliance assurance to give you peace of mind that you are duly diligent in managing your occupational health and safety risks. Your consultant will examine all aspects of health and safety relevant to your organisation, offering helpful advice and guidance along the way. We take time to talk, discuss and have safety conversations – this is not a scary impersonal audit.

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Our Coaching

We pride ourselves on offering a personalised coaching and mentoring service. Formal health and safety training courses have their place, but only go so far. If you have responsibility for health and safety at work but feel you need face-to-face guidance and answers to your specific needs, we are here to lend a helping hand.

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Our Audit & Inspections

Our audits are comprehensive examinations of your Health and Safety management systems. They can offer peace of mind of the effectiveness of the procedures you have in place, and offer effective solutions and calls to action where non-conformances are identified.

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Why choose Delibero?

In-depth Support

We provide assistance, support and coaching nationwide on occupational health & safety matters to help keep your workplace safe.

Competent Advice

We act as a source of competent advice, providing clients with reassurance that they are carrying out their legal responsibilities correctly.

Competent Person

We can act as the ‘competent person’ for smaller companies, conduct project work and audits for larger multi-site businesses, and help to improve standards.

Cost Effective

We provide health and safety-related documentation, training and commercial solutions in a cost-effective way.

Tailored to You and Your Business

Having difficulty meeting accreditation standards or compiling risk assessments? We will sit down with you and take you through the process step by step.

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Health & safety management at its best

What our clients say

“Our consultant demonstrated an understanding of the type of industry we are operating, a thorough knowledge of current legislation enabling him to support us with a level of advice to meet our requirements. I would have every confidence in entrusting him to support an organizations Health and Safety requirements”

JH – General Manager