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A positive health and safety culture relies on good management and supervision, yet managers and supervisors do not always have the necessary skill sets to carry out their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

We want to give our clients the tools to manage occupational health and safety. Managers need knowledge and understanding to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities. This evolves from a mixture of information, instruction, and training. We all have different learning styles, and from conversations with our clients, we know they love to discuss the pressing issues face-to-face and learn how to solve them. So, we sit down and coach them in a friendly, unrushed way.

We will discuss your coaching and mentoring needs and carefully select a package of service delivery that fits in with your busy schedule. Face-to-face coaching and instruction on effective health and safety management is provided to your own time-frame, and between visits, you can phone or email your consultant for advice.

Competent risk assessors

Risk assessors need to be competent and part of being competent is knowing your limitations. Competence requires an assessor to have underpinning knowledge of work activities, processes and procedures and an understanding of the risk assessment process. Assessors need to be comfortable and confident that their risk assessments are suitable and sufficient and cover all significant findings. Take those dusty risk assessments off the shelf and make them the backbone of a successful campaign to improve health and safety awareness amongst your workforce and take a helping hand from your friendly mentor.

Delibero Limited can deliver informative and effective coaching for assessors

Service delivery schedule

Visit #1

  1. Evaluation of your Health and Safety Management System.
  2. Coaching of assessors on-site. The coach will cover all the common hazards and the practical control measures that can be utilised. Advice on how to inform, train and ‘nudge’ workers in the right direction!
  3. Assessments will be performed together to confirm understanding.

Follow Up Visits

  1. Follow up visits will be scheduled at a pace and time suitable for you.
  2. The coach will discuss progress, observe assessments, and offer further assistance as necessary.
  3. This is an opportunity to consolidate understanding and plan for an effective roll-out of assessments.
  4. Access to phone and email advice line.
  5. Invitations to attend informal Health and Safety Seminars.

Why choose our coaching and mentoring services?

  1. Face to face coaching and mentoring in a sympathetic, unrushed style.
  2. Analysis of the clients’ existing policies, assessment forms and learning materials.
  3. Coaching in line with company resources to prevent unnecessary duplication or disruption, and advice on how to improve and upgrade these resources in the future.
  4. A certificate will be issued to the assessor on successful completion, useful in demonstrating continuing professional development.
  5. Printed publications of the up to date HSE guidance material.
  6. If you require re-writes of policies, procedures etc we can complete these tasks at favourable rates. We can deliver other health and safety training too.

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    What our clients say

    “We came through the process very well with no further visits by the authority – I would just like to pass my grateful thanks on to you for your input in helping to ensure we meet the standard of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005”

    CS – Managing Director